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Hello all!

Firstly, a massive thank you for taking your time out to read “about me” and spending time on my website!

My name is Feroza and I am a qualified hairdresser, hair stylist and makeup artist based in Peterborough. I am currently fully mobile so I travel to you at any time – flexibility is key! I also travel nationwide and have been blessed with the most amazing including those have who have requested me to travel to them.

Here’s a bit of background about me!

I have been qualified as a hairdresser for 10 years and still counting, and I have been qualified as a hairstylist and makeup artist for around 4 years. You may be thinking why the big gap? Well I also ventured of to university as I wanted achieve a degree in business which, after a many sleepless nights I successfully graduated with BA hons in Business Enterprise.

After my degree I did a short course on hairstyling and makeup artistry to understand the basics and in the end I achieved a City and Guilds certificate. Shortly after my training, I started up my own business and here we are now!

Do I enjoy it? Yes I do I’ve worked tirelessly and put in many hours of research to understand makeup, skin and the trends to be able to create my own signature style of look and learned to adapt and translate those skills¬† in to each client successfully.¬† The knowledge which I have gathered during my research has enabled me to be very selective about my products and those have been placed on my in my very versatile kit.

What are my products/tools like? So, I use makeup from the highest brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte Cosmetics & MAC Cosmetics to Nyx professional Cosmetics and Barry M. All my products are tried and tested out on myself and models from which I test it gainst different skin tones and types to get a feel of the product endurance and adherence. I never just pick a product and put it in my kit I thoroughly test them and then include it in my kit family. I don’t believe that a price of the product has to nessacerily reflect on the quality of the item therefore each item is tested against different skin types and tones to ensure I have a versatile product. With regards to the tools, I use one of the best in the industry; Bombay Hair tools. These tools haven’t failed me and assist me in creating the most diverse styles to enhance each clients look.

How do you book me? I am very active on social media and also respond to text/calls as promptly as possible. So you can contact via any medium and you will get a response, however I do always mention to my clients if it is an urgent booking/enquiry they should contact me directly via text or call. When enquiring please endeavour to give me as much detail of your booking as possible, this will enable me to give you an accurate availability and quote. Details I ask for are; bridal or non bridal, how many people, location (absolute necessary in planning travel for me in between clients), time you need to be ready by (this must be as accurate as possible, if the timings are not correct then the client in question will not be ready in time), dates required, and what service is required.

All the abaove are required for me to give you a full breakdown of availability, timings to start and finish and the cost of a booking. Travel charges are also applied at 50p per mile so therefore all locations are required.

Do I charge deposit? Yes I do charge deposit. This is just as important to me as it is you. I have built trust amongst my client on the basis of deposit, come rain or shine if your deposit has been given to me you date is confirmed. I will not compromise your booking under any circumstances. In the rare occasion in which I do cancel your booking due to an unforeseen circumstance, I will fully refund you the deposit. However, if the client cancels then the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Am I approachable? Hell yes! You can contact me at any time you like with any questions, no matter how trivial, if it gives you peace of mind I am happy to answer. Please bare with me when I am at work as it may take slightly longer to get back, but rest assured you will get a response!

Offering Makeup and Hair Stylist Services

I have always been about “looking good” and “feeling good” and this slowly turned in to a passion to ensure all women around me felt fabulous regardless of their age. This motto has been the foundation of my career and I have found it highly satisfying when clients have beaming smiles and are bursting with confidence.

My make up skills are very versatile and I adapt my skills based around what you like and request on the day. I go through a consultation before I start any service to ensure client satisfaction is guaranteed and through the service you are able to check your look and request any changes.

My makeup kit is made up of many brands such as MAC, Dior, Benefit, Nyx Cosmetics and Urban Decay to name a few. All products are tested by me to ensure the make stays immaculate and doesn’t crack or cause unnesscarry bleeds or cracks. I thrive on my makeup application being long lasting, I have had clients who have had 12 plus hours wear of the makeup without needing a touch up. I aim to give each client a flawless and sculpted look without “caking” the skin as I strongly believe you can get a polished look without excessive amounts of products on your skin.

Hairstyling – Many say its my forte and I must admit I do thoroughly enjoy creating different hairstyles giving clients the “wow” factor. I believe there is a hair style for everyone out there! From long hair to short to curly hair to super straight hair, Ladies you all have a hairstyle I promise you!

I also do childrens hair and watch them transform in to little princesses who are super adorable.

Before the hairstyling service commences, I do a thorough but concise consultation to ensure that I understand what my clients would like. As an artist I firmly believe consultations get you to understand the clients needs and requirements in much more depth than just assuming and doing what you know and doing what’s easier for you. I have had clients who do not want their hair up as they firmly believe that it wouldn’t look good due to their face shape or hair and as a artist I have respected and suggested styles which they would be more comfortable with.

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